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Story Title Views
EudoraFest, October 4th 17,538
LMH Facility in Eudora Moving Forward Despite Obstacles 12,673
Baldwin School Board Considers Honoring Former Coach 11,980
Baldwin School District Technology Improvements 5,767
More info on Whooping cough 5,463
Washburn Gets New “W” 4,397
Tonganoxie Awards Contract to Build Skate Park 3,401
Dream Factory Opens Outdoors to Boy 3,320
Baldwin Lumberyard Arts Center Construction 3,165
Thursday evening farmer’s market moves to West Lawrence 2,226


Top Ten Commented Stories

Story Title Comments
Todays Picture 1
Marine’s Purple Heart revoked 1
National MPS/ML Awareness Day is February 25 1
Pictures from Baldwin Events Last Weekend (June 6-8) 1
Story about K-State President Jon Wefald 1
Civil War Re-enactment in South Park 1
Eudora Winery One of 15 in Kansas 1


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Getting started 2
School budgets again 2
City writing off $189,000 in unpaid utility bills 2
New life for old horse 1
Teachers stop giving homework, working extra hours after 2 years without raises 1
National MPS/ML Awareness Day is February 25 1
Valentines days in different ways 1
Topeka pastor says he will protest LHS play 1
Questions surround change in state foster care contract 1
HDFL is now ABS 1


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KU History 1,766
Living Mindfully 1,497
Hometown Lawrence 1,068
Douglas County Government 1,013
Kaw Valley Soccer 979
Baldwin Signal 978
Tonganoxie Mirror 942
Eudora News 928
Lawrence Transit System 866
Lawrence Wiki 814


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KU vs Georgia Tech 465
Lecompton Territorial Days Celebration 394
Maple Leaf Festival 394
Strategic Learning Center Silent Auction 387
Chautauqua At South Park 380
Eudora Lions Blood Drive 376
Thanksgiving 364
St. John’s Fiesta 363
St. John’s Fiesta 354
Senior High Finals 348